Lump Crusher – Lid with shutter

Lump cruchers

After a long time of storage, transport in big bag or tank container, products tend to agglomerate due to vibrations, temperature changes or humidity.

To face to this situation, this equipment allows the crumbling of the product and facilitate its flow and its use in downstream process.

2 types of construction are possible:

– Design 1 tree: knives cause low flow crumbling
– Design 2 trees : knives cause fast flow crumbling

Knives are one-piece or two removable parts.

At the outlet, it is possible to determine a calibration grid.

Motorization can be direct or by chain drive.

According to the requirements of the process, sections and materials can be tailor-made.

Lids with shutters

Lid with shuhtters is mounted mainly on top of a silo.

Its main function is to regulate pressure and depression of the silo.

By performing with the open air of the product, the atmosphere of the silo is stabilized, to avoid its compression and its explosion.

The conception of equipment is welded and adapted to the constraints of the process.

Synchronization control of shutters is ensured by an adjustable counterweights system.