VMV is constitued by 1 inlet end severals outlets, or vice-versa.

VMV is essentially destinated to ensure pneumatic conveying circuit selection from DN40 to DN250, in pressure or depressioon until 3Bars.

The conception is possible in Stainless Steel or abrasion-resistant Steel.

V2D is constitued by 1 inlet and 2 outlets.

Thanks to its bi-tube conception, retention or mixing zones are avoided.

The surfaces in contact with the product are in Stainless Steel or in abrasion-resistant Steel.

The connections sleeves are from DN65 to DN200.

The maximum pressure is until 3Bars and eligible temperatures of product are -20°C to +110°C.

VMD is constitued by 1 inlet end 2 outlets with a mono-tube conception.

This valve is used to deflect a flow of powder or granular of pneumatic into transport processes from DN50 to DN220, or those with gravity flow.

VTB/VTE are slide gates used as isolation valves.

The standard conception is in Cast Iron or in Stainless Steel, size from 150*150mm to 400*400mm or from DN250 to DN300.

According to the requirements of the process, sections and materials can be tailor-made.

VORA/VORB are cock valves conceived to obturate, to allow or to control flow of product in unloading process, when flow rate is important.

According to the requirements of the process, sections and materials can be tailor-made.

SVAC and SADC are simple or double check valves SAS, conceived for powder extractions, with or without differential pressure.

Tightness is ensured by a combination of opening sequences of flaps.

Synchronization control of flaps can be by counterweights, electropneumatic or electric.

VAC is a flap valve, conceived for discountinuous dust extraction, with pieces, under dust collector, filter or others.

The synchronization control of flap can be by manual, counterweights, electropneumatic or electric.